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Alien Proof: Proof of CIA and Pentagon Spying Operations
Transcript and Exposure Sheet
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The exposure of CIA, Pentagon MI5, MI6, FBI mind control expirements:

Roswell 1949 - Three aliens shot, two captured after escaping.
All four cloned and killed
A device was created from these aliens that allowed the goverments to:

A: Activate mind control on a poor victim
B: Wipe memory from one person
C: Poison and kill a person -- Used within nano technology
9/11 - Cover Up
An airplane crashed into the pentagon. - 
This was disguised as a terrorism attack

This was the first attempt at mind control - Successful.
GW Bush approved of this.

2 more planes crashed in to the towers. 
Both under the influence of mind-control
By the goverment.

All these have been made possible due to the aliens of 
Roswell Crash of 1949
They then proceeded on to alien human cloning in 2003

This all started in 1953 - The start of the MK Ultra Program
"The operation began in the early 1950s"

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